Recent Sermons

Apr 042014

Sermon Text:  Luke 4:14-21

Sermon Title:  A Startling Sermon

Sermon Theme:  Because Jesus is the Savior, He must be the theme of our mission.

I. Jesus’ Power

II. Jesus’ Custom

III. Jesus’ Sermon

Mar 142014

Sermon Text: Judges 8:33-9:22

Sermon Title:  “Who will you have rule over you?”

Sermon Theme:  If you refuse to submit to the gentle and benevolent rule of King Jesus, then you will live under the harsh and destructive rule of the imposter king.

Abimelech – the – 3D Imposter King

I. The False King Dazzles

II. The False King Deludes

III.  The False King Disappoints

Conclusion – The True King/Christ Delights