Recent Sermons

Sep 262014

Sermon Text:  Luke 6:46-49

Sermon Title:  Convinced or Convenient Discipleship

Sermon Theme:  Jesus calls for us to be a convinced disciple, not a convenient disciple.

I. The Profile & Picture of a Convinced Disciple

II.  The Profile & Picture of a Convenient Disciple

Sep 192014

Sermon Text:  Luke 6:43-45

Sermon Title:  The Fruit of Our Lives

Sermon Theme:  The fruit of our lives reveals the condition of our hearts.

I.  A Simple Picture

II.  A Call to Self-Examination

III.  A Heart that Produces Good Fruit

Sep 122014

Sermon Text:  Luke 6:37-42

Sermon Title:  The Lens of Mercy

Sermon Theme:  Followers of Jesus see through the lens of mercy.

I. Seeing Others with Charity

II.  Seeing Jesus with Certainty

III.  Seeing Ourselves with Clarity